CZ.NIC Laboratories open a branch in České Budějovice

Prague, October 7, 2014 - The administrator of the Czech national domain, the CZ.NIC association, is expanding the capacity of its research center CZ.NIC Laboratories with a new branch opened in České Budějovice. Here, as well as at the Prague’s headquarters or at laboratories in Brno and Pilsen, researchers and developers will focus primarily on projects related to security and stability of the Internet and the development of Internet infrastructure. CZ.NIC Laboratories were opened in 2009 and their successful projects include the BIRD routing daemon, Knot DNS server and the Turris router.

"In recent years we have opened our branch laboratories in Brno and Pilsen, mainly on the basis of long-term successful cooperation with technical faculties of the local universities. This is very similar. For a long time we have been in close contact with the staff of the University of South Bohemia and the regional cooperation was now also broadened to include the University of Passau, Germany and Technische Hochschule Deggendorf. Opening of a new branch in České Budějovice therefore suggested itself," says Ondřej Surý, Head of the CZ.NIC Laboratories.

In the South Bohemian branch, the staff of CZ.NIC Laboratories will focus mainly on research and development of secure methods of remote configuration and network device management.

”A series of projects designed primarily for Czech Internet community has come into existence in our laboratories over a relatively short time. Some examples I would like to mention are the Turris security project and the client Datovka for access to data boxes,” added Ondřej Filip, executive director of the CZ.NIC association. ”Other projects that have gained a relatively large international attention include the BIRD routing daemon, the winner of the LINX Awards, or the Knot DNS server.”

Activities of the CZ.NIC Laboratories are based also on international cooperation with organizations such as the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens) or DNS-OARC (DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center). The main purpose of the cooperation is to test new instruments for the development of the Internet in diverse environments of different national domain registries.

About CZ.NIC Laboratories

CZ.NIC Laboratories is a development and research institute of the CZ.NIC association that is engaged in research on the Internet, Internet protocols, network operation analysis, passive and active monitoring and design of prototypes for further development within CZ.NIC. The work of CZ.NIC Laboratories is focused on the benefit of the local Internet community; however, the scope of its work is international. The staff of the Laboratories actively participates in international workgroups of organizations that deal with the development of Internet protocols, monitoring of network operation and administration of the Internet in general. More information about the CZ.NIC Laboratories and their activities can be found on the website