CZ.NIC Association introduced a new version of the educational app for children with dyslexia

Prague, August 4, 2014 – The administrator of the Czech national domain, the CZ.NIC association, today introduced a new version of the Tablexia educational application, which aims to promote the cognitive abilities of children with dyslexia. At the website of the Google Play service, those interested will now also find two brand new games for practicing visual memory and attention training. Another update is the completely voice-recorded Encyclopedia. The Tablexia educational application was created as an open software in CZ.NIC Laboratories, the research and development department of the .CZ domain administrator. Experts from the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague, who are dedicated to the education of children with dyslexia, also closely collaborated on the application development. The application is now available for the Android platform free of charge.

“The newly introduced version of Tablexia contains two brand new games. The first is called The Sentinel and its purpose is to help children with dyslexia with practicing visual memory. The second game is called The Shooting Range and it is aimed at attention training. The Encyclopedia has also been updated. On request from children who help us with testing the application, we provided this part of the project with a spoken accompaniment. Another new feature is an expansion of the game Kidnapping with new gaming words,” says Karolína Rybářová, a member of the Tablexia development team.

This project is also linked to a special course called “Practical teaching with tablets for elementary and high school teachers”. This course received accreditation from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic and its aim is to show teachers the possibilities of involving tablets in the classroom and introduce them to the basics of working with these devices. The course will be held in the CZ.NIC Academy education center in Prague. First runs are scheduled for September 26 and October 23. Interested teachers can now apply at the education center website.

The Tablexia educational application is one of the few interactive aids for children with dyslexia. Its major advantages are Czech localization, availability free of charge, attractive design, expandability, mobility and offline use. The concept of the game motivates children to pursue the training of their cognitive abilities proactively and independently. As for the technical side, in addition to games the application provides also administrative functions: an overview of results and managing individual player profiles in case the tablet is used by a group of children. This simplifies and accelerates the development of other games where these features do not have to be programmed again. However, at the same time Tablexia offers the possibility to “extract” any game and make it available separately.

*“About 5 to 10 percent of the Czech population suffers from dyslexia. I see Tablexia as one of the few resources supporting the development of secondary school students that has been specifically designed for them and that comprehensively utilizes the possibilities of portable devices, with which today’s children are very familiar. Games are chosen appropriately with the regard to the most problematic areas for children with dyslexia as well as to the needs and preferences of the age group,” * adds Dr. Lenka Krejčová , Ph.D. from the Department of Psychology at Faculty of Arts of Charles University, who collaborates on the application development with the CZ.NIC Laboratories.

Those interested may find more information at the Tablexia project website and on the CZ.NIC Association blog.