The Tablexia educational application is now available to the general public

Prague, 13 January 2014 – The Tablexia education application, the aim of which is to improve the cognitive skills of dyslexic children, is now freely available on Google Play. The first version of the application contains three separate games for distinguishing sounds, spatial orientation and working memory. Tablexia was created as open software, and the CZ.NIC plans to add additional games.

‘The beta version of the Tablexia application was introduced for the first time at the Internet and Technology 13.2 and Dyskorunka conferences. Professionals as well as the parents of children with specific learning disorders have expressed interest in the new app, especially in its release date. Tablexia now offers three games in a common game environment’, says Andrea Šíchová, a member of the team working on the Tablexia project at the CZ.NIC Laboratories.

On the technical side, the application also offers an administrative function in addition to the games: a summary of results or the management of individual player profiles in the event that the tablet is used by a group of children. This feature facilitates and accelerates the development of additional games for which it is no longer necessary to program these functions. Tablexia also offers the possibility to ‘extract’ any game to be used independently.

‘The release of the final version of the app does not mean the end of work on the project’. We are currently preparing additional games, which will be released next year’. We are also planning the release of the software part of the project under a free license to provide developers the possibility of additional uses’, adds Ondřej Surý, the head of the Tablexia project development team.

More information is available at the Tablexia project website and in the earlier press release.