New version of Knot DNS server supports automatic DNSSEC signing

The CZ.NIC Laboratories, the research and development centre of the CZ.NIC Association, has released a new version of the authoritative Knot DNS (1.4.0 ). The greatest improvement to this purely authoritative DNS server is support for automatic DNSSEC signing. Version 1.4.0 also has a significantly lower use of memory – up to 35% in connection with large zones. The project website now also provides performance comparisons with other DNS servers.

‘For now, automatic DNSSEC signing figures in this version merely as a demonstration of the technology. The many changes anticipated in this area are based primarily on the expected reactions from users’, explains Ondřej Surý, the head of the CZ.NIC Laboratories.

Members of the CZ.NIC Association introduced the Knot DNS server in the autumn of 2011. The authoritative DNS server supports all the main DNS protocols, including zone transfers, dynamic updates and DNSSEC expansion. More information is available on the mailing list of Knot DNS Users.