The CZ.NIC Academy offers a new 3D printing course

Prague, 31 October 2013 – The CZ.NIC Academy, the training centre of the administrator of the Czech national domain, has expanded its offer of courses to include one of today’s hottest technologies – 3D printing. Entitled ‘3D Printing', the course will give participants the necessary theoretical background and, above all, the opportunity to work with a 3D printer. The price of the course is CZK 2,000 (excl. VAT), and students are provided a 90% discount. The date of the first class is 15 November.

‘The theoretical part of the course will familiarise participants with 3D printing technology, the RepRap project and related terms such as open source and open hardware. The practical part will then copy the standard working procedure for 3D printing: modelling, the preparation of print layers and the actual printing. The course is designed to allow those with no prior experience with software modelling to participate’, explains Ondřej Filip, the executive director of the CZ.NIC Association.

The supervisor and teacher of the course is Marek Žehra, who heads and manages the 3D Printing Lab at the Faculty of Information Technology at the Czech Technical University in Prague, where he also teaches the subject of 3D printing. Marek Žehra is highly experienced in the field of 3D printing and has built or been involved in the construction of several RepRap printers.

Detailed information, including the outline of the course, the dates and locations of classes and application forms are available at The website also offers a full list of the many courses offered by the CZ.NIC training centre in both Prague and Brno for IT professionals, civil servants and students alike.