The ‘What’s Internet For’ project returns to TV

Prague, 1 October 2013 - In cooperation with Czech Television, the CZ.NIC Association, the maintainer of Czech national domain, introduces two new series of public awareness spots on the subject of What’s Internet For. The 45 two-minute videos broadcast on weekdays following the mains news programme ‘Events’ will present subjects connected with life on the Internet, domains, on-line services and related technologies. Some of the segments will be based on last year’s spots, presenting the relevant information in greater detail. The first new series will begin in October, with the second following a month later.

‘Although the Internet is part of the everyday life of an ever-increasing number of Czechs, general knowledge of the way it works, the possibilities for using it and security risks is superficial and hazy. One of the missions of our Association is to raise public awareness of domains and the Internet. Last year the What’s Internet For series proved to be a helpful tool for educating the general public, and we therefore decided to film additional episodes’, said Ondřej Filip, executive director of the CZ.NIC Association. ‘What’s Internet For’ project complements our other educational activities such as publishing books, organising conferences and operating our training centre - the CZ.NIC Academy’.

The series was created in cooperation with Czech Television and is produced by Frmol. The series will again be hosted by actor Roman Zach, and each episode will address one specific topic such as the possibility of working with photos on the Internet, watching online TV and sharing files.

Additional news on the projects will be available primarily via online media. The television broadcasts are supplemented primarily by the website, where all of the broadcast episodes can be found along with additional information on the individual subjects. The project’s Facebook page is available at Jak na Internet What’s Internet For.