The CZ.NIC Academy Offers New Education Courses For Open-source Software Developers

Prague, 19 September 2013 - Beginning in September, the CZ.NIC Academy, the training centre of the maintainer of the Czech national domain, will offer two courses on the development of open-source software. The courses entitled Free Application Security and Open Source SW Quality Assurance will be taught by developer and CZ.NIC Association quality manager Petr Závodský. Both courses are offered at the Academy in Prague and at the Association’s Brno branch.

The practical course entitled Free Application Security will familiarize participants with the basics of application security in the spirit of open- source. The course will offer practical demonstrations of simulated cyber attacks and examples of vulnerability, with an introduction of the most important tools for application security. The instructor will explain possible prevention methods for the specific attacks.

The Open Source SW Quality Assurance course focuses on two aspects of application development - actual quality control and the equally important process of testing. During the course, the instructor will emphasize the five basic principles of development: functionality, usability, reliability, performance and the supportability of systems and platforms.

‘In addition to being active in the field of open-source software, we have also been long-term supporters of Czech developer scene. The course permits our Academy and genuine experts to share valuable theoretical knowledge and practical experience. In the future, we expect further expansion of courses and lecture topics’, said Ondřej Filip, executive director of the CZ.NIC Association.

Petr Závodský is the software quality assurance manager at the CZ.NIC Association. In addition to his role in quality assurance and testing, Závodský also initiated the CAPTCHA Help and Web Scanner projects. Závodský’s past work experience was primarily in the commercial sector in the areas of quality assurance, software testing and cyber security. In his private life he is involved in projects related to security, astronomy education and removing barriers for handicapped IT users.

More information about the courses offered by the CZ.NIC Academy can be found at, where it is also possible to register for all courses.