CZ.NIC’s secure information management confirmed by certification

Prague, 17 September 2013 – The CZ.NIC Association, the administrator of the Czech national domain, was awarded the internationally recognised information security management system (ISMS) certification, which builds on the ISO 27001 standard. The certification concerns the security of the full range of information activities – from information management to the control of access, secure storage and backup. The CZ.NIC Association was certified by the authorised certification firm DQS Cert s.r.o. CZ.NIC-CSIRT, the internal security team of the Association, is in charge of certification at CZ.NIC.

‘The secure management of information is of key importance to us; we have always devoted extraordinary attention to processes connected with information security. With the gradual expansion of our services, we thought it would be appropriate to have the processes and rules for security verified and accredited by an independent institution’, said Ondřej Filip, the executive director of the CZ.NIC Association. ‘Earning this certification is very important to us and to all of the other subjects using our services. We are aware that it is essential to implement credible security measures, regardless of whether this concerns the operation of the domain registry, MojeID service, our CSIRT security teams or other services’.

ISO 27001 is a methodology that allows companies to plan and implement security processes and to control security – measures that are essential for the protection of confidential data and for ensuring problem-free access to entrusted information.