The Brno branch of the CZ.NIC Academy offers special courses in modern Internet technology

Brno, 2 September 2013 – The start of the school year also marks the beginning of classes at the Moravian Brno branch of the CZ.NIC Academy, the training centre of the administrator of the Czech national .CZ domain. The employees of IT firms in the region, university students and computer enthusiasts will welcome the wide offer of special courses in current Internet technology. The sold-out course in May entitled Implementing IPv6 showed that interest in current technological subjects is high in Moravia. The Brno class schedule is available at The CZ.NIC Academy provides professional education on the Internet and Internet technologies not offered at other training centres, or if so, only marginally.

A total of 15 courses on the DNS system, DNSSEC security technology, BGP routing protocol, the IPv6 Internet protocol and the SIP protocol used in internet telephony are on the autumn schedule of classes at the Brno centre of the CZ.NIC Academy. For more information on these classes, including the schedule, class descriptions and course objectives can be found at the Academy’s website , where it is also possible to register. The courses offered at the CZ.NIC Academy are taught by Association employees, university instructors and experts in the field. For example, the guarantor of the DNS and DNSSEC courses is the head of the CZ.NIC Laboratories, Ondřej Surý.

"Our aim is to also offer special courses on Internet technologies in other cities. Brno is home to a long list of leading and large IT companies. The city’s numerous universities have trained Internet specialists for years. CZ.NIC also has a branch of its research and development centre, the CZ.NIC Laboratories, in Brno. Employee at this facility also teach a number of courses. These and other reasons were behind our decision to open another CZ.NIC Academy branch in the Moravian capital," said Ondřej Filip, CEO of CZ.NIC. “The autumn schedule of classes was posted on the website of our training centre at the end of August. Interested individuals can therefore choose from a range of courses and register immediately. The first course devoted to IP telephony will be held in Brno on 12 September. A course on DNSSEC security technology follows five days later. "

The training centre of the administrator of the Czech national domain also provides special courses for specific groups of Internet users. This opportunity has been used in the past by employees of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and the Czech Police.