Special Training Centre Opens Courses in Brno

Brno, 6 May – The education centre of the maintainer of the Czech national domain, the CZ.NIC Academy, is now more accessible for people living closer to the capital of Moravia. The first course on the upcoming internet protocol IPv6 in Brno will take place on 28 May. Those interested in participating can register now at www.nic.cz/akademie. The CZ.NIC Academy provides professional education on the internet and internet technologies which are usually not discussed at other training centres, and if so, only marginally.

“The objective of the CZ.NIC Association is to provide education in the area of the internet and internet technologies. One of the projects through which we wish to achieve this goal is this special training centre offering courses on subjects that are taught elsewhere only marginally or not at all. Courses on the domain name system (DNS), DNSSEC security technology and IPv6 have so far been only organised in Prague. Now we are expanding to Brno, and in the future we expect to organise the seminars in other cities in the country,” says Ondřej Filip, executive director of the CZ.NIC Association.

The CZ.NIC Academy offers courses for internet enthusiasts and professionals as well as students and teachers at secondary and tertiary vocational schools. Teachers of ICT subjects are the target audience of a new special course that is being prepared by the CZ.NIC Academy: Internet Technology for Teachers, accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The education centre of the maintainer of the Czech national domain also provides special courses for specific groups of internet users. This offer was previously used, for example, by employees of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and the Czech Police.

If you are interested in learning more about the CZ.NIC Academy, including the courses it offers and profiles of its lecturers, please visit www.nic.cz/akademie. A special site for schools is available at www.nic.cz/skoly. The activities of the Academy can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter.