IT 13 Conference: Especially for 3D Printer Enthusiasts

Prague, 29 April 2013 - The annual Internet and Technology conference opens at the National Technical Library in Prague on Monday, 20 May 2013. Once again, experts will primarily focus on themes associated with IPv6 and security. Josef Průša, pioneer of open hardware for 3D printing in the Czech Republic, will make an appearance on the first day of the event. The conference is organized by the CZ.NIC Association, administrator of the Czech national domain, which today published the programme, registration forms and other details on its website at

Among other presentations, Martin Doleček will share his experience in the area of IPv6, especially the deployment of the new protocol version within the portal, including the current statistics and a list of supported services. The theme of IPv6 will be covered in three presentations during the first block, which will be followed by a panel discussion with the participation of representatives from the Economia publishing house, Telefónica and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Security issues will be presented, for example, by Jan Kolouch of the Czech Police Academy, who will focus in particular on the issue of individuals’ private and public liability for communication in cyberspace, and by Tomáš Hála of Active 24, who will present a case study of the recent massive (D)DoS attacks. Another attractive point will be a moderated discussion regarding the planned law on cyber security, which will also be attended by the author of the legislation.

“This year's conference will also be special for us as we will use this occasion to remember the history of CZ.NIC. On 21 May, we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the founding of the association. As the creation of CZ.NIC was especially the achievement of NIX.CZ, this organization will also be given space during the first block on Tuesday. One of the speakers, Jiří Peterka, has been covering the history of the Internet in the Czech Republic and beyond for many years. I believe that this presentation will show us some of the interesting and perhaps partly forgotten events of the past 15 years,” says Ondřej Filip, executive director of CZ.NIC.

In addition to the representatives of leading Czech registrars, i.e. ACTIVE 24, INTERNET CZ, WEDOS Internet and ZONER software, the conference will also host members of the CZ.NIC Labs and, for example, Tomáš Košňar of CESNET.

The fact that a 3D printer can be a common household device will be explained Josef Průša, one of the leading supporters of RepRap, the global open system for 3D printing. In his presentation he will describe 3D printing, its possibilities and the history of open hardware. Finally, a demonstration of the entire process will be shown, from modelling to the printing of a real object.

Details regarding the programme are available at Interested parties can begin registering on 13 May by using the form available from the conference website. As the number of seats is limited, organizers recommend early registration. Media partners are,,, ITBIZ a LinuxEXPRES.