TV Spots to Raise Awareness about the Internet

Prague, 1 October 2012 - Today Czech Television starts broadcasting a series of educational videos What’s Internet For. The project, backed up by the CZ.NIC Association, the maintainer of the Czech top-level domain, aims at educating the public in the Internet, domains, Internet services and related technologies. It is composed of a total of 40 spots, each about two minutes long, that the Czech Television will be broadcasting until the end of November on weekdays after the main Události news programme.

"The Internet forms part of everyday life for an ever increasing proportion of the Czech society, but the general awareness of its functioning, possibilities of use or safety risks appears to be superficial and vague. Apart from providing technical support for the .CZ domain, the mission of our association is to raise awareness about domains and the Internet itself. That is why we decided to make a series that would clearly explain the world of the Internet to the greatest possible number of viewers, and draw their attention to what benefits they may expect and what to be careful about," says Ondřej Filip, CZ.NIC Association CEO. "The What’s Internet For project is a great addition to our existing educational activities, such as publishing books, holding conferences and running our CZ.NIC Academy Learning Centre."

The series was designed in cooperation with the Czech Television and is produced by Frmol. The programme will be hosted by the popular actor Roman Zach, and each episode will deal with one specific subject – for example the protection of personal data, online shopping or intellectual property on the Internet.

Other communication concerning the project will largely focus on online media - the television broadcasting will be complemented primarily with a website featuring all the episodes broadcast, as well as additional information on the topics or the What’s Internet For Facebook page. There will also be printed advertising. The project should continue being promoted next year, which means that this project will not close with once all the episodes have been broadcast.