CZ.NIC Unveils a New Logo and .CZ Brand

Prague, 26 September 2012 – The CZ.NIC Association, maintainer of the Czech national domain, today launched its new logo and with it the .CZ brand (PDF). This was the first step in a gradual transformation of the visual identity of the entire Association that will take place over the coming months. The new design will be used, among others, for the logos of the individual CZ.NIC departments and projects (such as the CZ.NIC Laboratories) and the website. The new .CZ brand should primarily help registrars who promote the Czech national domain among their end customers. The CZ.NIC Association last changed its logo when it migrated to the new registration system FRED. This occurred at the beginning of October 2007, almost exactly five years ago. Currently, the CZ.NIC Association registers over 980,000 domains with the Czech national suffix.

“We have known for some time that our current logo offers only very limited options when looking for imaginative and effective ways to promote the .CZ domain. It is quite common among domain maintainers to have their own unique brand and we decided to take this path as well. The impulse for the creation of a new .CZ graphical symbol was our desire to fulfil the wishes of many registrars and members of the Association,” says Ondřej Filip, Executive Director of the CZ.NIC Association. “When we compared ourselves to other maintainers of top-level national domains, we also realised that it is natural to derive the domain brand from the logo of the organisation that maintains the registry while also reflecting a clearly identifiable national symbol – in this case, the Czech national colours.”

The new logo, the .CZ brand, and other elements of the new visual identity of the Association were created by Dynamo Design. This company has created logos and visual identities for, among others, Air Bank, the Living for London campaign, the Municipal Library of Prague, and the Rock for People music festival.