ICANN appoints Czech representative to its prestigious security committee

Prague, 29 August 2012 – The board of ICANN, the international organization that administers the Internet, appointed Ondřej Filip, Executive Director of CZ.NIC Association, the Czech top-level domain administrator, as a member of its key consulting body. During his three-year term as an unpaid member of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC), Ondřej Filip will be in charge of specific tasks related to the reliability and integrity of the root name system, analysis of security risks for the Internet, and registration of domain names. Ondřej Filip is the first Czech citizen to hold such an important and prestigious position in ICANN.

The Security and Stability Advisory Committee is an important ICANN body involved in major decisions of the Board. As one of the most active committees of ICANN, it issues a number of recommendations on security issues. Its members are not appointed based on geographic or national criteria but rather on their expertise and skills.

Former SSAC members include Steve Crocker, the current ICANN Board Chairman, one of the “founding fathers” of the Internet. Ondřej Filip, who has worked for ICANN for several years as board member of ccNSO (Country Code Names Supporting Organization), was chosen in a challenging three-round selection procedure. In the final round, he was approved directly by the Board of the organization.

“The Security and Stability Advisory Committee is an important body in ICANN's decision-making processes, and I see this appointment as a great honour and commitment. I will participate in working groups created to tackle a number of issues related to the stability of the Internet and elimination of security risks,” said Ondřej Filip on his appointment.

About SSAC

The Security and Stability Advisory Committee advises the ICANN community and Board on matters relating to the security and integrity of the Internet's naming and address allocation systems. This includes operational matters (e.g., matters pertaining to the correct and reliable operation of the root name system), administrative matters (e.g., matters pertaining to address allocation and Internet number assignment), and registration matters (e.g., matters pertaining to registry and registrar services such as WHOIS). SSAC engages in ongoing threat assessment and risk analysis of the Internet naming and address allocation services to assess where the principal threats to stability and security lie, and advises the ICANN community accordingly. For more information visit the ICANN web page.