CZ.NIC and the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade sign Memorandum of Understanding

During the international meeting of ICANN, the highest Internet authority, Minister of Industry and Trade Martin Kuba and Ondřej Filip, the Executive Director of the CZ.NIC Association, signed a memorandum that builds on the previous agreement signed in 2006 with the Ministry of Informatics. This step highlighted the importance of the Internet and domain name management (DNS) for the state economy.

The memorandum also affirmed cooperation in new areas, especially support for IPv6. The promotion of this agreement was part of long-term cooperation between the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the CZ.NIC on both the national and European level, since both subjects are involved in the GEN6 (Governments Enabled with IPv6) project supported by the European Commission. In connection with Government Resolution No. 727 from 8 June 2009, the CZ.NIC Association conducted two analyses focussed on the preparedness of state administration for this Internet protocol.