CZ.NIC Creates Its First Internet Standard

Prague, 10 April 2012 - The Czech National Domain Administrator has published its first RFC (Request For Comments), i.e. one of the Internet standards. The author of the RFC is Ondřej Surý, the head of the Czech National Domain Administrator’s Research and Development Centre.

SSHFP DNS records did not support the latest SSH keys using the ECDSA algorithm. Ondřej Surý therefore decided to prepare a document describing support for this new algorithm. In addition, RFC 6594 also describes support for hash function SHA-256.

"The approval process for a document of this type is a difficult and time- consuming matter. The final version was preceded by nine drafts that went through rounds of input lasting nearly three-quarters of a year. And yet, the first draft took less than 10 hours to write,” said Ondřej Surý from CZ.NIC. "The patch for the existing OpenSSH has already been around for a relatively long time. Eventually it will certainly also be integrated into the main branch of the program."

CZ.NIC has one other RFC author on its staff. Another CZ.NIC Laboratory member, Ladislav Lhotka, is the author of document number 6110.

Ondřej Surý wrote about the new RFC a while back on the CZ.NIC blog. He also prepared a series of articles for the server describing how these documents are created and the course of their approval process.