Exactly one year from now, Prague will be the capital of the internet

Prague, 24 June 2011 – The main global authority for assigning top level domain names and IP addresses, ICANN, decided at the meeting just ending in Singapore that their next European meeting, planned for 24-29 June of next year, will be held in Prague. The meeting’s host will be the CZ.NIC Association, administrator of the Czech national domain, which will also be responsible to a large extent for organising the event. For the worldwide internet community, the regular ICANN meetings are the most important events of the year. Earlier this week, ICANN authorised a revolutionary change in the history of the internet – it allowed the registration of new top level domains to anyone who will be interested and of course meets the required criteria.

“Being able to organise an event of such scope and importance is both a great honour and a challenge. We will do everything to make sure this meeting, with an expected participation of over one thousand internet experts from around the world, will run as smoothly as possible,” said CZ.NIC Association Executive Director Ondřej Filip.

ICANN organises three meetings a year, each in a different part of the world. These conferences are one of the main platforms for shaping the further development of the internet domain infrastructure. The selection of locations for the meetings is in the hands of a special commission that accepts the offers of individual organisations interested in hosting the meeting. The location is then approved by the ICANN Board of Directors.

About the CZ.NIC Association

A special interest association of legal entities, CZ.NIC was founded by leading providers of internet services in 1998 and currently has 81 members. The main activities of the association are the operation of the .CZ and 0.2.4.e164.arpa (ENUM) domain registries, operation of the top-level domain .CZ, and raising awareness of domain names. The association is currently working intensively on expanding DNSSEC technology and the mojeID service, on the development of the system of domain administration, and on the support of new technologies and projects beneficial to the internet infrastructure in the Czech Republic. CZ.NIC is a member of the EURid Association, which administers the European domain .EU, and of other international organisations with a similar focus (CENTR, ccNSO, etc.).