CZ.NIC participates in the development of BIND 10 and hosts an international developer meeting start

Prague, 21 March 2011 – The latest version of the BIND system, currently the most popular software solution for running DNS servers, will be developed with the participation of the CZ.NIC Association. For this purpose, the administrator of the Czech national domain offered the full capacity of one employee who became a member of the 15-strong international BIND 10 development team. Moreover, the Association is hosting a BIND 10 developer meeting that is starting today. The meeting will take place at the CZ.NIC Academy, an educational and training centre, and will continue until this Friday.

“My work lies primarily in the development of the authoritative part. Currently, the project is nearing a state in which it could be launched into full operation. While it already has most of the basic functionality, several shortcomings still remain. Personally, I see working in the BIND 10 project team as a great opportunity to contribute to the development of the internet on a global level, as well as to establish contacts in the international professional community,” says Michal Vaner from CZ.NIC Labs, who is participating in the development of BIND 10.

The main changes of BIND 10 compared to the previous version are modularity, options for individually tweaking the system to suit specific needs, clusterisation, integration, volume flexibility and operation control with regard to the prevention of DoS-type attacks. More information about the new version may be found at:

“We are glad to support this project, intended to develop a server solution without which domain administration is almost unimaginable today. BIND is used, for example, by the administrators of the vast majority of first- and second-level domains. According to our January survey, BIND is implemented on more than 67% of DNS servers in the Czech Republic alone,” adds Ondřej Surý, head of the research and development centre of the CZ.NIC Lab.

About the BIND server

BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) is probably the most used DNS server worldwide. It was created by students of the American Berkeley University and typically runs on UNIX or Linux servers. The BIND DNS server provides a stable platform over which organisations may build distributed information systems, knowing they will be fully compatible with published DNS standards. More information about the BIND server can be found at