CZ.NIC presents tools for better communication with the authorities

Prague, 8 November 2010 – The very first application for accessing egovernment mailboxes from iPhone telephones, a preview of the ZFO Editor, and a production version of the DSGUI desktop application – these were the three projects introduced in detail at the LinuxAlt conference in Brno at the weekend. The tools aim to make communication with the authorities easier for users of minority operating systems, such as Linux or MacOS X. The dsgui for iPhone, ZFO Editor, and DSGUI applications were created in CZ.NIC Laboratories, the research and development centre of the administrator of the .CZ Czech national domain.

The LinuxAlt conference saw the very first introduction of an application for the iPhone enabling an egovernment mailbox to be checked easily and immediately from the environment of the phone, as well as a multi-platform viewer and editor of electronic forms in the ZFO format. These forms are commonly used by public administration, often in combination with egovernment mailboxes.

“The unique dsgui for iPhone application allows the user to enter access data for multiple mailboxes on their phone and download and read incoming and outgoing data messages. In this way, the user may access new data messages immediately after delivery, directly from the environment of their telephone,” said Ondřej Surý, the Manager of CZ.NIC Laboratories responsible for the development of all three applications. “In the case of the ZFO editor, we published a preview that can fill out most available ZFO forms. It is the first software of its kind running natively on Unix-based platforms, such as Linux; for the future, we also expect to support Mac OS X.”

Information about the installation and configuration of all three applications may be found at (czech only).