CZ.NIC launches mojeID and increases comfort for using online services

Prague 26 October – Always having to fill in the same registration data for long forms and new combinations of names and passwords that you forget in a week is all part of using the vast majority of internet and web services. This is what the mojeID service by the CZ.NIC Association, launching fully today, wants to change, at least for the Czech internet. The service will allow users to create their own mojeID identity (meaning “my ID” in Czech), thanks to which they will have access to online services that support mojeID or OpenID technology, on which the new service from the CZ.NIC Association is based, using just one name and password. MojeID is free of charge to Czech internet users.

MojeID is based on OpenID technology, in which, however, users and service providers in the Czech Republic have not expressed a strong interest. In contrast, though, mojeID brings one significant improvement – centralisation and institutionalisation of the operation of the entire system.

“The Cz.NIC Association will be responsible for the allocation of identities, as well as management of mojeID users’ accounts. We are a non-profit organisation which has been dedicated to the management of the .CZ domain registry for over ten years. In our association, both commercial companies and the state are represented via the Ministry of Industry and Trade or the Czech Telecommunication Office. We are convinced that our work thus far and experience demonstrate a guarantee of stability for the service and correct handling of service providers’ business information and user data. No implementation of OpenID has offered anything of the sort thus far,” stated Ondřej Filip, Executive Director of CZ.NIC.

If you are interested in mojeID, you can create an account free of charge at the internet address; the second option is to transfer contact details from the domain name register, managed by the CZ.NIC Association. Then, using your mojeID account, you can start logging in to individual services that support mojeID or the OpenID technology. At the moment, this means hundreds of Czech and foreign service providers, primarily in the area of e-commerce. Together with the launch of the service, CZ.NIC is also starting a campaign focused on promoting interest in mojeID for both target groups.

The CZ.NIC Association has placed great emphasis on the security and reliability of the entire system in the development of mojeID. The registry of user details is protected at the same level as the .CZ domain registry, and users can define which details from their profiles can be hidden from the given provider each time they log in.

The regular method for logging in may not seem satisfactory regarding security for users and providers, so they can use a certificate to log in. In the future, CZ.NIC also plans to introduce further authentication methods, including one-time passwords, for example. Variations of logging in using a certificate or one-time passwords will be attractive and interesting primarily for those individuals for whom a higher level of security is important.

About the mojeID service

MojeID is a service that allows Czech internet users to use one set of identification data (username and password) to log in to different websites and web services. Using mojeID means you do not always have to create a new account and go through long and complicated registration processes over and over again. MojeID can be used for all services whose operators directly support the mojeID service or at least OpenID technology. MojeID is the latest in a series of technologies (DNSSEC, ENUM, etc.) that the CZ.NIC Association, the manager of the Czech national domain, .CZ, has introduced for the needs of the Czech internet community. More information about this service, in operation from 26 October 2010, is available at the internet address