CZ.NIC-CSIRT is an accredited member of the European network of security teams

Prague, 9 September 2010 – Beginning this month, the security team of the administrator of the Czech national domain .CZ – CZ.NIC-CSIRT – is accredited by the Trusted Introducer association, working within the European TERENA organisation. Trusted Introducer links together security groups, which exist both on the level of domain registry administrators and, for example, banks, internet access providers, hardware manufacturers and universities. CZNIC- CSIRT was created with the objective of minimising the risks of possible threats to national and international computer security and contributing to the elimination of malicious content in the .CZ domain space.

“Before, the status of our security team was only ‘listed’. By reaching the status of ‘accredited’, we have gained access to a large amount of internal information and means to contact experts from other European countries. Thanks to this information, our responses to potential attacks which are within the scope of our team’s work can be more effective,” said Martin Peterka, Operations Director for the CZ.NIC Association and head of the security team for the Czech national domain administrator. “At this moment, CZ.NIC-CSIRT is only the second accredited team from the Czech Republic; the first was the security team of the CESNET association.”

At the beginning of this year, members of the CZ.NIC security team blocked 150 domains with the .CZ country code. The reason for shutting these domains down was that they were spreading malicious software and performing phishing attacks. For more information, refer to the press release from 25 February 2010. Details about the CZ.NIC-CSIRT team can also be found on the website