DNSSEC protects more than one seventh of the Czech internet

Prague 30 July 2010 – The Czech Republic is maintaining its leading position in the number of domains secured by the advanced DNSSEC technology. To this day, 100 024 of .CZ domains have been protected from misuse and forgery (the 100,000th DNSSEC-secured .CZ domain was registered on July 29, 20:26); this represents more than one seventh of all internet addresses within this domain. The key factor in reaching this figure was the decision made earlier this year by two Czech registrars, WEB4U and ACTIVE 24, to secure DNSSEC for all domains saved on their name servers, free of charge. It has been possible to use DNSSEC since October 2008, when the CZ.NIC association deployed the technology into the Czech national domain register.

“Ever since the launch of DNSSEC, the Czech Republic has been one of the most active countries in the use of this technology and I am happy that it has finally found its way into the business strategies of players on the domain registration market. The result was an unprecedented, accelerating rise of new DNSSEC domains – while there were only 1,414 of those at the end of 2009, today we have the most DNSSEC domains in the world, both in absolute numbers and in the proportional share of all .CZ domains,” said the executive director of CZ.NIC, Ondřej Filip.

About the DNSSEC technology

DNSSEC is an extension of the DNS system, increasing the security of domain names. The principle of DNS is the translation of human-friendly internet addresses, such as www.nic.cz or www.dobradomena.cz, into numerical addresses understood by computers, which can in turn provide services such as displaying web pages, sending e-mails, internet telephony etc. DNSSEC prevents the manipulation of data stored in DNS, rapidly reducing the risk of forged or doctored information on websites, the theft of credentials, eavesdropping on e-mail communication etc. The CZ.NIC association, the operator of the register of .CZ domains and ENUM, started using this security technology in October 2008. For more information, visit www.nic.cz/dnssec/.