CZ.NIC is the first to let cell phones into egovernment mailboxes

Prague, 18 January 2010 - Accessing egovernment mailboxes from cell phones has been quite difficult. The CZ.NIC Association, the administrator of the .CZ top level domain, has partly contributed to solving this problem. For phones based on the Linux Maemo 5 platform, it developed a prototype of an application that permits an easy access to egovernment mailboxes. In particular owners of one of the latest Nokia phones will benefit from it. The recently launched N900 model uses Maemo 5. From today on, the third common prototype of the DSGUI application can be downloaded at

“The complication of the current web interface used by egovernment mailboxes consist in its ability to send messages only with the installed extension for MS Windows – 602 XML Form Filler. This is why we decided to develop an application that will provide a full functionality on various alternative systems including mobile ones and that will not need this proprietary extension,” says Ondřej Filip, Executive Director of the CZ.NIC association.

The solution for access to egovernment mailboxes in particular from open operating systems is being developed by the CZ.NIC Labs research centre that has been a part of the CZ.NIC association since the end of last August. Besides Maemo 5, the DSGUI application can thus also be used on various Linux distributions, FreeBSD, further on OS Windows XP, Vista and 7 and on MacOS X.

“The Maemo 5 open platform offers wide possibilities for both developers and users,” says Petr Kasa, Director Nokia Czech Republic and Slovakia. “The application for access to egovernment mailboxes is a wonderful example of how easy it is for developers to quickly come up with a practical tool that solves a specific problem of a large number of users,” he adds.