A book on the GIT system – for the first time in Czech and for free!

Prague, 5 January 2010 – In particular Czech developers of open source software will appreciate the new contribution to the Edice CZ.NIC expert series. The purpose of the book by Scott Chacon called Pro GIT is to explain the work and the vast possibilities of the GIT system for version management. Although GIT is one of the fundamental developer tools, a specialized material in Czech was missing. The electronic version of the book is available for download for free from http://knihy.nic.cz. A printed copy can be ordered at the same location. Customers who order it from a computer connected to the Internet using the IPv6 protocol will obtain a discount of CZK 50, the final price thus being CZK 239.

Scott Chacon has been working with the GIT version control system for several years and is one of the most prominent specialists in this area. He has been promoting the system for a number of years - by writing, holding trainings and running professional projects related to specific applications of the tool.

“The idea of localizing the English book dovetails nicely with the original concept of our Edice CZ.NIC. Its mission is to provide Internet specialists with high quality materials that fill subject gaps in bookshelves with specialist IT literature in Czech brick-and-mortar bookstores,” said Ondřej Filip, Executive Director of CZ.NIC association.

The CZ.NIC association, which is responsible for administration of the .CZ top level domain, launched the CZ.NIC Edice in 2008. The first book published under its auspices was a material by Pavel Satrapa of Liberec Technical University about IPv6 protocol. It can be downloaded for free or ordered at the website of CZ.NIC Edice.