CZ.NIC announces the second annual competition for young programmers

Prague, 2 October – The CZ.NIC association, administrator of the .CZ top-level domain, announced the second year of the contest for young talents in the area of ICT. The VIP (Volunteer and develop, Innovate, Program) Project can be entered between 1 October and 9 April 2010 with projects aimed at the development of new open-source software or innovation of software used in the field of internet technologies, services or infrastructure. A successful project can be awarded up to 50,000 CZK even this year. Competition participants have until the end of September to send in their project proposals.

The competition will consist of several stages this year as well. First the contestants submit their project proposals. From these, a specialist evaluating committee made up of representatives of the academic community, the commercial sphere, the CESNET association, a media partner and CZ.NIC will select those who will go through to the next round. They will simultaneously be determined by the evaluation criteria. Then the implementation of the selected projects themselves begins. It is followed by a presentation from the contestants, the evaluation and awarding the winners.

“Interest in the first year of the competition surprised us and also assured us that a competition such as this has its place. There are a number of changes in contrast with last year. Among them is the extension of the period in which the contestants can work on their projects. Another refers to the presentation of the end solutions to the specialist committee. The contestants must now also defend their work. Only after this part will the specialist committee evaluate the projects and give out awards,” says Ondřej Filip, Executive Director of the CZ.NIC association.

In the first year of the VIP competition, 32 projects were registered. In the end, seven projects shared a monetary prize amounting to a total of 271,000 Czech crowns.

A detailed schedule with information about how to enter the competition, the possibilities for implementing the project, the evaluation committee, etc. is available at The media partners of the competition are the information portals, ABC Linux, LinuxEXPRES and the magazine openMagazin.