IPv6 widget


IPv6 widget is an HTML widget that informs the user about their Internet connection details.

Widget tests whether user's DNS resolver uses DNSSEC and whether user's connection is ready for the IPv6 protocol. Widget also measures connection speed in both directions and over both protocols.

Warning: Speed measurement is not exact and is intended mainly for purposes of comparison of IPv4 and IPv6, for example when an IPv6 tunnel is used.

Widget uses JavaScript to work properly. Therefore user must have JavaScript enabled at least on the pages that use IPv6 widget.

Basic usage info is below. You can find more in-depth description (incl. creating custom skins & tests) in a README file.


Using <iframe>

Simply insert a single HTML element:

<iframe src="https://test-ipv6.cz/ipv6widget/"></iframe>

Widget options (see below) could be passed as GET parameters:


Using Javascript

This option is useful in case you need to bind the widget display to an event or user action.

1. Load the widget script:

<script type="text/javascript" src="…/ipv6widget.js"></script>

2. Insert an element to put the widget into:

<div id="widget"></div>

3. Call the widget constructor with options:

<script type="text/javascript">
    new IPv6Widget({
        "element": "#widget",
        "skin": "default",
        "tests": ["ipv6", "dnssec-rsa-ecdsa", "fenix"],
        "speed": ["ipv4", "ipv6"],
        "lang": "cs"

Set target_id to the id of the HTML selector you want to contain the widget. You can also set the widget's language by setting the lang attribute to "cs" for Czech, "en" for English, "fr" for French, "es" for Spanish, "eu" for Basque and "bg" for Bulgarian. If you do not specify the language, widget will detect the browser's language with English as default.

The are two skins included with the widget distribution – cz.nic (the blue one at the top of this page) and default.

To hide the connection speed tests, use setting speedtest set to the value null.

The widget size depends on the chosen skin.


Tests of the IPv6 connectivity, DNSSEC status, FENIX detection and download speed work in every common browser. Upload speed tests work properly only in browsers with CORS support. Majority of common browser support CORS, excluding Opera (version 12 and older).


IPv6, DNSSEC and FENIX test are launched automatically after the widget is loaded. Connection speed tests must be launched by the user by clicking a button.


IPv6 widget is free software released under the GPL license. The source code is available through CZ.NIC Labs GitLab.