DNSSEC Validator for Mozilla Firefox


DNSSEC Add-on for Mozilla Firefox adds a new functionality to your browser. This Add-on is able to check the DNSSEC status of a page you are visiting and it will present status of DNSSEC security using color keys and information texts in the URL bar.

This page contains especially technical information about Add-on. If you are looking for common things, please visit Add-on's homepage.


Certain old versions of the Add-on might use CZ.NIC's testing resolver at Operation of this resolver was terminated, so please upgrade your Add-on to 0.14.1alpha or higher which uses stable CZ.NIC's resolvers in its configuration.


DNSSEC Validator @ addons.mozilla.org


Besides using GUI preferences we can change some add-on's options through the system of browser's hidden preferences (about:config). There are available these parameters:

*it is also necessary to enable browser.dom.window.dump.enabled [boolean]

Please do not change any other add-on's option here except those mentioned above.

Users Support

Any question about Add-on you can send to dnssec-validator-users@lists.nic.cz conference. You can also report bugs and feature requests here.

Git Repository

DNSSEC Add-on source code can be downloaded using Git protocol at git://git.nic.cz/dnssec-validator/. This repository is read-only and if you want to send us changes and improvements you may have done, you can do so by sending us a patchset to dnssec-validator-users@lists.nic.cz email address.


DNSSEC Add-on Screenshot