DNSSEC Validator for Google Chrome


DNSSEC Validator extension for Google Chrome adds a new functionality to your browser. This extension is able to check the DNSSEC status of the page you are visiting and it will present the status of DNSSEC security using color keys and information texts in the URL bar.


Extension is currently in alpha phase, so expect bugs. Some features present in DNSSEC Validator for Firefox are not yet present in the Chrome version, specifically:

Note: first two issues can be alleviated by installing caching validating resolver locally (e.g. unbound).


Works with Chrome:


Extension settings allow choosing the DNS resolver used for DNSSEC validation. There are few validating resolvers predefined or you can specify address of arbitrary validating resolver. Note that by default the resolver specified in system settings is used - thus if it's not validating, you need to choose a validating one.

User Support

Questions about the extensions can be sent to dnssec-validator-users@lists.nic.cz conference. You can also report bugs and feature requests here. Please specify that you are writing about the Chrome version.

Git Repository

DNSSEC Validator source code can be downloaded using Git protocol at git://git.nic.cz/dnssec-validator/. Look in "chrome" branch. This repository is read-only and if you want to send us changes and improvements, you can do so by sending us a patchset to dnssec-validator-users@lists.nic.cz email address.


DNSSEC Validator for Chrome screenshot